A Connected Place


The Plattsburgh - Adirondack Coast region is incredibly well connected, strategically located, and serves as:

  • MONTREAL'S U.S. SUBURB, directly connected with one of the most dynamic metropolitan cities in North America, with easy connections to and from the entire world.
  • GATEWAY OF THE QUEBEC-NEW YORK CORRIDOR, serving as a key hub in one of North America's most exciting bi-national regions.
  • GATEWAY TO THE ADIRONDACKS, providing easy access to the 6 million acre Adirondack Park within view of Plattsburgh.

Add to all of this our location on the Interstate highway system, our access to three major airports, and our rail connections, and you have the best of both worlds: the quality of life of a small community with the transportation connections of a major city.

Check out how connected we are:

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A Connected Place
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