A Supportive Place

Services for Individuals with Disabilities

The Plattsburgh - Adirondack Coast region takes special pride in its services for the disabled, helping to make every citizen a full participant in the community.

We know that moving to a new community can be challenging. You may have a number of questions like,

“Will I find the doctors and services I need? How strong are the support programs? Are there support groups? How welcoming is the community?”.

We have a network of Health Care Professionals and special services that are on par with what you'd expect to find in much larger cities - dedicated to personalized, caring support.

Let us know what you need and we'll help make the connections. In the meantime, the following resources are offered as just a sample of what is available:

An Active Place
A Family Place
A Healthy Place
A Prosperous Place
A Connected Place
A Place to Live