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Participating in sports and recreational activities is a big part of life on the Plattsburgh - Adirondack Coast, and so is watching them. You can enjoy a surprising number of professional sports in the region including football, baseball, hockey, soccer, rugby, polo, thoroughbred racing, marathons and triathlons.

Did You Know?
Lake Placid was home to the "Miracle On Ice," at the 1980 Lake Placid Olympics.


Enjoy the Plattsburgh North Stars in their home city or head to Montreal, Quebec to watch exhilarating matchups with the men's and women's professional teams.


Support the region's hometown baseball team or visit Burlington, Vermont for a minor league game.


The North Country has a rich hockey tradition and is home to avid hockey fans. Here you can watch local University teams in exciting collegiate match-ups or see a men's or women's National team game in Montreal.

  • You won't want to miss the Canadiens for thrilling NHL hockey in Montreal.
  • Or the Cardinals at Plattsburgh State University, offering some of the top collegiate hockey in the nation.
  • Or check out professional women's hockey with the Montreal Stars and the Canadian Women's Hockey League.


For Major League Soccer, look no further than Montreal - the city's professional team has called Quebec home for nearly two decades.


Don't miss the opportunity to see one of Montreal, Quebec's largest rugby clubs - with a history spanning 56 years, the Barbarians are arguably Quebec's most successful club.


Come summer, many in Plattsburgh head south for world-famous racing in Saratoga Springs.


The game of polo dates back 2,500 years and it's still considered one of the fastest, roughest, and most dangerous sports played today. Check out a match in Montreal or the Adirondacks.


Montreal and Lake Placid host annual athletic contests for marathon runners and triathletes.

  • Montreal Marathon offers a fairly flat course and is a certified Boston Marathon qualifying course.
  • Lake Placid Ironman is the second oldest Ironman route in North America and is also one of the most challenging due to the mountainous terrain.
  • Lake Placid Marathon is held each June and attracts athletes and spectators from across North America
  • Join the Plattsburgh Half Marathon and support Team Fox, an organization that helps raise money for Parkinson's research. 
  • The Tupper Lake Tinman offers all the fun of a full Ironman, just on a smaller scale.
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