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Economic Opportunities

Did You Know?
Plattsburgh has been ranked among the top small communities in America for economic development success year after year, per Site Selection Magazine.

As Montreal's U.S. Suburb and the Gateway to the Quebec-New York Corridor, the Plattsburgh - Adirondack Coast region has enjoyed strong economic growth and unprecedented prosperity in the last few decades, with the best still to come! 

The economic impact of Montreal and Canada on our community continues to grow strongly, now totaling OVER $1.5 BILLION annually on a county of 80,000 people.  

We have routinely led the state in the growth of manufacturing, and have achieved a 96% Business Confidence Index - reflecting a strongly positive outlook for the future. 

Much of this economic success can be attributed to our success in redeveloping the former Plattsburgh Air Force Base. Today, the 5,000 acre former base boasts hundreds of desirable housing units, some brand new and others still with Revolutionary War charm; dozens of world-class businesses employing thousands of people; a thriving international airport connecting Plattsburgh to the world and so much more! 

Did You Know?
FDI Magazine (fDi), a publication of the Financial Times, has recognized Plattsburgh as one of the top ten small (micropolitan) cities of the future in all of North America.

In short, you and your family will be joining a community with solid economic presence and an even more prosperous future ahead! 

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