A Beautiful Place

Gateway to the Adirondacks

The Plattsburgh area is the Gateway to the Adirondacks - one of the most beautiful regions of North America.

Did You Know?
The Adirondack Park is the largest park in the mainland United States with more than 6 million acres - about the same size as the state of Vermont. The park features more than 3,000 lakes and ponds, and 30,000 miles of brooks and streams

The 6 million acre Adirondack Park is within view, and is the largest park in the lower 48 states.  In addition to millions of acres of incredible wilderness - dotted with high peaks, pristine lakes, and old growth forests - the park includes a number of world-class resorts and recreational venues, such as Lake Placid, the winter sports capital of the world!

As a resident of the ADK Coast, you will find yourself drawn to the Adirondacks on a regular basis. 

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